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Many people have the hard task of looking after an aggressive dog. Dogs are usually aggressive because they are either frustrated due to lack of exercise, or they have become dominant because they have not been trained correctly.

Aggressive Breeds

There are a lot of aggressive breeds out there, but every single dog also has the potential to be aggressive too. While many people stay well clear of Pit Bulls, even a Chihuahua can be very aggressive, just on a slightly smaller scale.

The fact is, that dogs aren’t born bad or disobedient, some are naturally more aggressive and powerful than others, but if you train your dog properly, you can take control and prevent any aggressive behavior.

If you happen to own a strong and naturally aggressive dog, you need to especially make sure that you are the pack leader. You will need to set the dogs limitations, boundaries, and its rules. This could potentially be a lot of work, particularly if you have chosen to own a powerful dog. When your dog finally understands you’re the pack leader, you will have his or her total respect and loyalty.


A lot of dogs become frustrated simply because they are not getting enough exercise. You need to make sure your dog is exercised sufficiently every single day. This will help your dog to burn off energy and keep their mind healthy, the healthier their mind is, the easier they will be to train.

Angry and Frustrated Dogs

You need to know that angry dogs are usually frustrated, they’re not being bad intentionally. If you happen to have a large or powerful dog, you need to take control, and you need to do it fast as they could become a serious physical threat to you and your family. If you’re worried about your dogs’ behavior, you need to do something about it now.

How To Become The Pack Leader

Here are some tips to help you become the pack leader:

Don’t give your dog too much affection, they will see it as you being weak. You need to be calm and assertive. You can still give your dog affection, but it doesn’t constantly need cuddles, take your dog for a walk instead, and use taking him for a walk as a means of showing him your affection.

Set boundaries in your home, don’t let your dog jump up on the sofa, he needs to understand he can only sit in certain places. This may seem harsh, but after a while your dog will adjust to it.

Teach him he can play with toys when you say it’s ok to. Dogs naturally think having a lot of toys means they are powerful, so let him play with a few toys, but only when you say he can. This will take the power away from him.

Ignore your dog if he nudges you, this is his way of commanding you for attention.

Think of your dog as a dog, not a child. You need to start treating your dog as an animal, the sooner you do, the less likely you will treat him as a human.

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