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Anyone who knows anything about training dogs will tell you that positive reinforcement is vital if you want to train your dog effectively.

But treats are not all about training your dog; they can also be about expressing your fondness for your pet too. But why do treats work so well when it comes to training your dog? The answer is it’s because your dog has an excellent sense of smell. In fact your dog can smell his or her treats from as much as 18 meters away, and they can even tell what the treats are made of.

But how can you give your dog treats and keep them in good shape, while ensuring the treats you give them are rewarding good behavior? What’s the best way to give your dog a treat? We’re going to explore that right now.

Giving Your Dog a Treat

Always make sure you give your dog a treat when he or she is calm. Make sure they are able to smell the treat first, but don’t forget to hold it away from your four-legged friend.

Chances are your dog may start to jump if he or she knows they are going to get a treat. You need to put a stop to the jumping, so ensure you tell them to stop. Once your dog has stopped jumping, then you can give them a treat. If you’re patient, you could eventually end up with a really well behaved dog.

As soon as your dog tries to work out what he or she needs to do in order to get the treat, they will probably sit down and this is the when you should hand the treat over.

So When Should You Give Treats?

One of the best times to give your dog a treat is in between meals, but make sure you don’t use the same treats as you would if you were training your dog as this may confuse them.

You should also think about giving your dog a treat as a reward for good behavior, but it’s important you reward the behavior as soon as they have acted properly. If you leave it too late, you could simply be telling your dog they are the boss.

It is also extremely effective to give your dog a treat when they aren’t around a food bowl or expecting it. For example if you were walking your dog and they didn’t pull on the leash the whole time and you decided to reward them all of a sudden, the dog will think, “Hey, you can make treats out of thin air!” Give out treats in an unpredictable way and in this manner, and your dog will respect you that much more. Don’t believe me? Try doing it with your pet as soon as you can!

What about Ingredients?

Always make sure you buy a dog treat you know they will like. Remember it’s important not to give human treats to dogs as they may not be able to digest them properly. You should also be aware that human chocolate can kill a dog, so they need to stay away from it all together.


Before You Give Your Dog Affection

Always make sure you give your dog treats at the right time, and try not to treat them too often as they may get confused. One of the most important things you can do for your dog is not to give it treats, no matter how cute they are, but to give it exercise and discipline, then you can start to give your dog affection.

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