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A healthy relationship between you and your dog must prevail all the time!

The dog must be always under your command and the animal must be following your orders quickly, which is good for the dog also in many ways. If the dog does not follow your orders immediately, this should be treated as disrespecting you. When a dog is disrespecting you, he or she may become motivated to dominate you, which is bad news for both you and the dog.

1.An example of disobedience can be that you ordered the dog to come to you, but it purposely just went away. Instead of following your order, the dog roamed around in your house and it was not seen for a long period. The reason for such a behavior is that you have allowed the dog easy and free access to whole of your house on its own terms. Unlimited access to the house is one of the chief reasons for dogs feeling that they are the boss. So, give the dog access only to few places in the house or allow specific times for certain rooms as you are the alpha

2.If your dog wants to play and you readily agree to do so every time, it will later result in the dog disrespecting you. You can remember those many occasions when your dog brought a toy or ball and insisted that you play. Your dog has become disobedient and disrespectful because you made him or her feel special by easily succumbing to its demand for a play. Instead, you should not at all play with the toy the dog has brought and certainly not at that time. You should choose your own time to play with the dog so that he or she gets the message that you are the master and you should be respected all the time. This shouldn’t be seen as harsh because dogs are pack animals that are constantly looking to you for rules to follow as the alpha. Some canines may constantly test your worthiness to be pack leader so stay consistent.

3.Many dog owners let their dog go out of the car or house first. Other dog owners may let dogs walk in front of them during walks. Remember in a dog and wolf society, the alpha always goes first. Therefore, when you let the dog walk out of the car or house first, the dogs gets the wrong message of being superior to you in pack ranking. This generates disrespect and a lower ranking for you. Hence, force the dog to follow you when you go out of the house or car. Similarly, let the dog wait for his food for few more seconds and order him or her to eat food when you have put it in the bowl. You should also never let the dog walk in front of you during walks; keep the dog at your side or behind you when walking.

4.Sometimes (no, most of the time), we are too kind with the dog. We are pushovers who consciously overindulge our pets then are genuinely surprised when obedience and behavioral issues pop up. Many owners simply ignore the dog for its disobedience and it results in disrespect from the animal. Therefore, when your dog disobeys, reinforce all the commands promptly to remind it that you are the pack leader. Most importantly, do not repeat the command so that the dog always pays attention to your orders the first time.

5.Dog owners should not keep the training sessions longer than tolerable by their animal. Long duration of training can also be a reason for the dog not learning the obedience properly and you being disrespected most of the time. Since dogs live in the present and not the past or future, it will quickly lose its interest and focus to whatever you are teaching if the training session is excessive in time. Hence, keep the training period relatively short but concentrated in activity and variation. Keep in mind that a dog’s general attention span and intelligence vary by breed and individual.

Moderation is the key in every aspect of our lives including in our relationships with our dogs and puppies. If you are too harsh, your dog may become aggressive and come to fear you rather than respect you as the pack leader. If you are too lenient, your dog may take your leniency as weakness. A dog’s survival instinct doesn’t allow them to listen to or follow behind the weak.

Some of the emotions that dogs see as weakness are instability, anxiety, fear, and agitation. If a dog or a puppy sees that the head of their pack is weak or has become unstable, they will begin to feel that their life and their packs lives are in danger. When a dog feels the alphas weakness has put the pack in jeopardy, they will feel forced to become the leader of the pack themselves. You should know that a great number of dog’s unbalanced, fear-ridden and anxious nature is due to their home environment and the primary emotions they’ve seen in their pack members (humans).

Keep in mind that dogs yearn for a clear set of rules and boundaries because of their pack mentality and wolf ancestry. Even though dogs enjoy love and affection, if they don’t have an equal amount of rules and limitations laid out clearly by his or her pack leader (should be you) they will remain unsatisfied, unbalanced, unchallenged, and confused. They may become confused because you may display great leadership during the first 6 months of the year but during the last 6 months of the year you may show repeated displays of instability. Your dog is relying on you to be the pack leader 100% of the time, not just when you feel like it or when he or she is disobedient. Don’t ever underestimate a canine’s ability to read human energy and emotion, they’re called man’s best friend for a reason!