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House training or breaking your dog isn’t always very easy, it can take a lot of patience and time, and it will usually involve a few accidents too.

You should understand that it will take a puppy quite a while to get full control of their bowel and bladder muscles. It can usually take about 4 months for these muscles to develop properly, so if you have a very young dog, you should expect there to be quite a few accidents every day.

Every dog develops differently, some breeds faster than others, but every small dog will have a smaller bladder that its large counterparts, which means they will need to use the bathroom more frequently.

Prepare Yourself to Train Your Dog

The good news is all dogs know they cannot use the bathroom when they’re in their bed, you can use this natural instinct to your advantage as it will help you house train your dog.

Always make sure your dogs bed is a nice place to be. Make sure it’s warm and dry and add a few dog chews and toys and have food and water nearby, don’t forget to put a blanket or a dog bed down so they can rest and feel comfortable.

Make sure you have plenty of cleaning products in so you can quickly get rid of any mess.

House Training Your Dog

When your dog first arrives in his or her new home, place them where you would like them to pee. You should ideally carry them and use a leash so they know exactly where you want them to be. Make sure when your new addition uses the bathroom, you give them a few treats and some fuss as this will encourage them to go there again.

A dog will usually look for the trace of another dogs’ urine so they can pee over it, ask a friend to bring their dog over to pee in your yard, this will encourage your pup to pee over it. Dogs that are less than 3 months old will need to pee every few hours, if not a little more, be prepared to take them outside.

When your dog starts to whine, bark or sniff the ground in circles, this means they need to pee, and quick. Take them outside and try to get them to pee in the same spot as before.


House training accidents will inevitably happen while your dog gets used to the idea of peeing in a specific place. Be prepared to clean accidents up right away, and don’t tell your dog off unless you catch her urinating etc. If you do catch your dog/puppy using the bathroom indoors, clap your hands as a means of stopping them, and pick them up and take them outside. Once your dog as finished using the bathroom, give them praise and a tree.